Higher sales through intelligent, automated coaching

19th Mile is an automated sales coaching system that provides personalized data driven coaching and content to field sales reps.


Drive productivity through sales coaching at scale

With 19th Mile, every sales rep has access to coaching at the time and point of need.
The organization benefits through:

More sales reps hitting quota

Shorter sales cycles

Lower investment in training and new hires

Rapidly align your sales force to your sales strategy

The 19th Mile algorithm, which requires your sales strategy as a key input,
ensures that the coaching your team gets is in line with your strategy.

With 19th Mile's recommendations and notifications, rolling out your new strategy
is much quicker.

Increase your managers' span of control

19th Mile takes care of coaching each rep, allowing managers to manage significantly larger teams.

Managers can focus on higher order issues with each team member.

Provide expert inputs to your reps on tap

Your sales reps get the benefit of sound advice
from sales experts in our team and yours.
Easily augment 19th Mile’s recommendations
with expert knowledge from your organization.

Specific recommendations are tailored to each
rep’s performance data and delivered
intelligently at the time and point of need.